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Beynac Castle

Standing at the top of a vertiginous cliff, dominating the village of Beynac-et-Cazenac, the Château de Beynac is a stone sentinel that has watched over the Dordogne for more than 9 centuries.

To visit Beynac is to cross 5 centuries of French History, in the footsteps of Richard Coeur de Lion, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Simon de Montfort and the Hundred Years War.

Between heaven and earth, from the top of its 14th century keep, the 152 meters of steepness over the Dordogne will offer you an unforgettable view of the magnificent Dordogne valley, a panorama rated 3 stars in the Michelin Green Guide.

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Milandes Castle

The Château des Milandes is world famous for having belonged to Joséphine Baker.

Built from the 15th to the 19th centuries, this bewitchingly charming residence reveals Renaissance architecture with magnificent Gothic elements. It was originally offered by the lord of Castelnaud to his wife so that she could have a less austere residence, surrounded by formal gardens, with large mullioned windows adorned with stained glass.

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The castle of Losse

The Château de Losse is a splendid pleasure residence built in the 16th century on the base of the medieval fortress.

By a bridge spanning deep moats that encircle the walls on three sides, one enters through the châtelet into the main courtyard of the castle. It is made, like many 16th century Périgord residences, of different volumes covered with imposing sloping roofs.

​ Facing the Grand Logis, you fall under the spell of this extremely elegant building. For the decoration of the facade carved in blond limestone, the master builder used the entire classical decorative alphabet of the Renaissance.

The large and magnificent terrace leaning on the cliff reveals, in its fullness, all the beauty of the Vézère valley.

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Castelnaud castle

The fortified castle of Castelnaud, classified as a Historic Monument in 1966, is built on a rocky outcrop and offers a magnificent panorama over the Dordogne valley. Since 1985, it has housed the Museum of War in the Middle Ages. A collection of arms and armour, life-size reproductions of war machines (mangoneau, trebuchet, couillard, pierrière, breastwork) will introduce you to the art of war in the Middle Ages and certain aspects of the life of the lords of Castelnaud with the medieval-inspired garden and the furnished dungeon.

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