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La Roque-Saint-Christophe

Between Les Eyzies and Montignac, rises steeply over the Vézère, the cliff of La Roque Saint-Christophe. This limestone wall, one kilometer long and 80 meters high, has carved out rock shelters and long aerial terraces with impressive overhangs, occupied by man in prehistory (-55,000 years) then modified to become a fort and a city in the Middle Ages, inhabited until the beginning of the Renaissance.
Few troglodyte sites can compete, in terms of age and developed area, with La Roque Saint-Christophe. Discover here the dwellings and life of our ancestors, the 15th century city and a conservatory of medieval lifting machines. The highlight of the visit: the arrival on the Grande Terrasse, offering an exceptional view of the Vézère valley and prehistoric workshops open to all (painting, lighting the fire, shooting with a propellant, cutting flint, etc.).

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Prehisto Park

Located in a haven of greenery, the fully sound educational trail allows you to discover scenes from the daily life of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, and to explore the animal and plant world of prehistory. The explanatory panels that mark out the route allow a real scientific and educational approach to the daily life of prehistoric men.

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The village of Madeleine

In a loop of the Vézère, the troglodyte village of La Madeleine is one of the examples of the long tradition of human occupation of the Périgord Noir.
At the foot of the cliff is the prehistoric site, with particular lithic and bone tools and works of art which have made it possible to define a new era in the evolution of Cro-Magnon men: the Magdalenian.
Above, certainly from the 19th century, a population settled in what was then to be the height of comfort and security, a troglodyte village in the heart of the limestone rock and a fortified castle, of which there remain vestiges witnessing the defensive virtues of the place.
The inhabitants abandoned the place for a few years with the development of the railway and then returned there, following an immemorial tradition.

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Le Conquil-Troglodyte Site

In a natural and shady environment, this site invites you to practice many family activities.
After walking along the wooded paths of Le Conquil along which reproductions of dinosaurs are scattered, discover an exceptional set of rock shelters occupied since prehistoric times and then in the Middle Ages. To spice up your day, end your visit by taking the various adventure trails in the trees: some are reserved for children, others for adults; one can be practiced as a family. Sensations guaranteed on the banks of the Vézère thanks to the zip lines, Tarzan jumps and other Himalayan bridges!

Allow 2 additional hours if adventure course

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The National Museum of Prehistory

Both a place of memory for the history of prehistory, a conservatory of objects, a study center and a place for the dissemination of knowledge in constant evolution, the National Museum of Prehistory has been, since its creation at the beginning of the 20th century, a place of reference for prehistorians as much as for visitors. Located near the main sanctuaries of parietal art listed as World Heritage by UNESCO (caves of Font-de-Gaume, Combarelles, etc.), the museum houses exceptional collections that make it possible to retrace more than 400 millennials

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